The growing iceberg

Considering the fact that I run a ceramics studio, I don’t spend that much time in a ceramics studio. Think of an iceberg. The mugs, magnets, ornaments, jewelry, and monsters you see on our Instagram feed make up just the tip of our Studio 2 Ceramics iceberg. What you don’t see are the 47 “what the hell are we doing?!” strategy conversations Jim and I have every day, or the 2 hours spent slopping clay. You don’t see me reading blogs that claim to know the “ten tips to boost social media audience engagement.” Under the glassy sea, the iceberg of customer correspondence about custom orders (“Just glaze it in a warm, sandy tone,” “No, that’s too warm!”) and frustrations of not finding the right size of box to fit the custom plate I need to mail out (“Why the F*&% don’t they make boxes to fit plates and mugs together!”).

Inspired by the Makers Summit put on by The Makers Collective based out of Greenville, SC., I have decided that now is the time to write about the Studio 2 Ceramics iceberg of business development. I recently posted a couple of articles giving you a glimpse into our life behind the studio. My first post was a summary of the first 10 years of our business. Following that one, I explored the complex emotional experience of finding our brand’s voice. Coming up, you will find a series of posts about books I am reading on innovation, creativity, entrepreneurship, and marketing. These will be part book review, part personal reflection and adaptation of the concepts presented in the books.

Collaboration is key for any successful entrepreneur and artist, and I hope to be both. You are invited to join in the conversation on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. What have you found helpful in your own creative endeavors? What helps you create? How have you grown as an entrepreneur? What struggles do you have? Share your thoughts on social media, or email me at




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